Hi, I'm João

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a product manager, generative art enthusiast, and crypto lover based in Santa Cruz, currently working at Netflix.

Recent Projects

Creative Coding

Code can be used to make the most beautiful things. I enjoy messing around with P5.js and Processing to manipulate geometric shapes, render cool images, then plot them using my pen plotter.

AI Art + NFTs = ❤️

I love playing around with the latest and greatest in synthetic media. Below is an example of a custom-trained StyleGAN2 model on a scraped dataset of eyes. I generated 500 "Windows into Souls" and created my first NFT


A crypto trading app that enables you to quickly place orders sized according to your portfolio and risk tolerance.


Musee: VR Music Viz

An immersive music experience in VR built on A-Frame that's compatible with the Quest 2. Sit back, load your favorite song, and enjoy the trippy visuals generated automatically all around you.

8+ years of experience.

Product Management →

Data Engineering →

Quantitative Analysis →

Product Design →

I've worked across a broad range of industries:

Trust and Safety



Applied AI


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